One Direction & Homestuck basically.

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how i flirt: have you seen this tv show

How I flirt back: no but I’ll come watch it with you


Fun fact: I asked a boy if he watched Doctor Who, and he said, ‘No, I don’t, but I’ll watch it if you watch it with me.’ And now he comes over almost every day and we make out.

Fun fact: I asked a girl if she watched Doctor Who, she told that I was a nerd and then walked away…


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I saw on a “The Nations Of The World - Animaniacs” post that someone wished they’d make a fandom version.

So, here you go.

The Fandoms of Tumblr! By MarriTheFangirl


Homestuck and Sherlock, Avengers, and Glee, Supernatural, Doctor Who

Adventure time, Disney, Hetalia, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist too!

There’s My Little Pony and One Direction, Pokemon, Portal, and still,

Sailor Moon, Soul Eater, Regular Show, and Studio Ghibli too!

There’s Legend of Zelda and Legend of Korra, Lord of the Rings,

There’s StarGate and Starkid and StarWars and StarTrek, and then there’s Tron!

There’s Vocaloid, Taylor Swift, Sonic and Scrubs, Rise of the Guardians,

YuGiOh,  Fairy Tail, Kuroshitsuji, Kingdom Hearts, and Merlin

Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, J-Rock and K-Pop, Left for dead, Mass effect

Victorious, Twilight, Team fortress two, Nintendo and The Office

There’s Devil May Cry and Dead Space, Amnesia

Once upon a time, The Mortal Instruments, NCIS, New girl

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